Fuchoboard 10° - PALE ALE

Fuchoboard 10° - PALE ALE

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Fuchoboard 10°

If we had to say what one beer characterizes us, it would be Fuchoboard. Totally simple, pleasant, light BUT with a medium mild bitterness. Citrus aroma from cryo hops supports drinkability.

Pale Ale - pale, draft, top-fermented, unfiltered, unpasteurized beer
Ingredients - water, barley malt, hop products
Store in a cool and dark place. Turbidity or sediment is not a problem.

EPM: 10%
alc. 4.2% vol.

Flying Brewery Board, Michael Král, ID: 11960787
Dr. Zikmunda Wintra 834/10, 160 00, Prague 6

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